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The SelfieReacher selfie stick is the most dependable selfie stick on the market and it is quick and easy to use for those once in a lifetime photos. There is no need to wait for Bluetooth pairing and no need to worry about how dependable your batteries might be. Remember that SelfieReacher is not only great for your photos and videos but also for Skype and FaceTime.

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Here’s What to Look For:
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The SelfieReacher is a very sturdy and dependable selfie stick that is very easy to use and it is very dependable for those once in a lifetime photos. There is no need to wait for Bluetooth pairing and no need … Read More

What you should know about SelfieReacher
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The SelfieReacher does not need batteries or Bluetooth and extends out to 41” for those long shots with a lot of family and friends and it compacts down to 8 7/8” for easy storage. The package Includes: SelfieReacher telescoping selfie … Read More

Aren’t all selfie sticks the same?
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The biggest difference you will find between the SelfieReacher and traditional selfie sticks is that you do not need to worry about waiting or trying to pair it with Bluetooth and there are no batteries to worry about charging. That … Read More

3 Outrageous Differences in Selfie Sticks
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Here’s what to Look For: Did you know that many Selfie Sticks can’t let you take a picture until your smartphone and selfie stick are “paired up” by Bluetooth? Not a Problem with SelfieReacher because it takes instantaneous pictures when … Read More

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Here are actual reviews from Amazon that you can read on the Amazon site:  5.0 out of 5 stars – “Nice selfie stick that does not require blue tooth so it is easy to use!” By dreamermom on June 16, 2015 “This is … Read More

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